AOI računalniške rešitve d.o.o.

AOI warranty conditions

  1. AOI d.o.o. ensures that devices are free of contruction, manufacturing, material or functional defects at the time of dispatch.
  2. AOI d.o.o. ensures that it will test the defective equipment and, in case of justified warranty claim, by AOI's choice, repair or replace the defective equipment. Any equipment not on stock will be replaced at the time AOI renews the stock.
  3. Any defects througout the warranty term must be reported to AOI d.o.o., Mestni trg 16, 3210 Slovenske Konjice in writing. The error must be described clearly. 
  4. The equipment must be delivered to AOI d.o.o., together with the warranty and the invoice or delivery note, where is written the date of the delivery and serial number of equipment. Any equipment sent by post or courier must have paid transport costs - warranty does not cover shipping expenses!
  5. AOI d.o.o. will solve the warranty in its service or by using other, manufacturer-authorised service.
  6. Warranty period for the replaced items is valid from the original day of purchase of the item in warranty.
  7. If AOI d.o.o. does not solve the warranty in 45 days after warranty request in accordance with points 2) and 4) above, the buyer may request a new item or a refund.
  8. Na željo kupca ter po dogovoru lahko AOI d.o.o. opravi servis na naslovu kupca proti plačilu vseh stroškov, nastalih v zvezi s tem.
  9. We can refuse to provide warranty if the damage is result of,
    • Act of God (fire, flood, earthquake, lightning and similar)
    • any kind of physical impact on the equipment, including breaking, mechanical damage or the impact of current
    • improper connection to the grid, the deviation in the power supply of the required electrical quantities and the effects of static electricity
    • repair, relocation or other interference by unauthorized persons
    • natural wear
    • incorrect or improper use by unauthorized persons and others
  10. Additionally, we can refuse to provide warranty service if:
    • because it was not taken care of by the buyer to the appropriate operating conditions of equipment, such as inadequate power supply and protection, inadequate microclimate conditions, failure to protect the equipment as prescribed by the manufacturer and technical standards
    • the equipment was misused or the rules of use were violated
    • there were made any modifications or adjustments of the equipment
    • the warranty stickers or marks are removed or damaged
  11. Warranty does not cover software defects and errors in the CMOS settings (incorrect installation, shareware programs, change in the CMOS settings, etc..), except for software sold with the equipment for the warranty period provided by the manufacturer (author) of the software .
  12. In the event of unjustified complaints we charge the costs of testing, if in the process of testing equipment proves to be free of defects.
  13. Defects and damage resulting from misuse of the equipment supplied are not covered by warranty.
  14. In case of eligibility for warranty service, customer should return to company fully packaged item with all the accessories,  manuals, documents etc, invoice and  filled out certificate of compliance.
  15. The warranty for the product is valid from the date of the purchase, extended for the time in service.
  16. Warranty is not transferable to third party.
  17. AOI d.o.o. will be in no way responsible for the contents of any storage media (including data on hard drives), or consequential damages of any kind.

If you abide by the above warranty policy, claims will be resolved much faster for your and our benefit.